Citizen CPR Foundation Partners 

Great Partners Create Success

When it comes to improving sudden cardiac arrest survival rates, there’s strength in numbers. Partners of Citizen CPR Foundation represent a collaboration non-profits, business and industry that will help develop and define programs and resources managed by CCPRF that will increase cardiac arrest survival – programs that stimulate action by community leaders, professionals and citizens.

“We are working to bring together the biggest and most influential and impactful organizations as our partners in the fight to reduce cardiac arrest-related deaths. By providing a framework for collaboration, the CCPRF will ensure that a larger collective impact is made.”
– Dr. Stu Berger, President

Strength in Numbers

At ECCU 2017, we began discussing a new vision for the Citizen CPR Foundation as a national umbrella organization for influential and impactful groups working together to move the needle on sudden cardiac arrest survival rates in the U.S. By creating a network of Partners, our goal is to broaden the scope and scale of our efforts and increase our impact.

Since then, we’ve designed strategies and programs – including HEARTSafe Community, 40 Under 40 and our re-imagined Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit– that:

– provide clear steps and resources for creating safer communities

– recognize achievements among the future leaders in our field, and

– are supported with national, year-round awareness building campaigns.

Contact us to discuss how to become a partner. Meet our current Platinum Partners and Gold Partners, and learn more about the benefits of each.