PRESTAN Products Provides a Solution to Help Close an Important Gap in Bystander CPR

Women are less likely to receive CPR from a bystander, according to data gathered by the American Heart Association1.

In fact, that same data shows that women receive CPR just 39% of the time, compared to 45% of the time for men.

Why such a gap in bystander CPR rates for those who identify as female? Often, rescuers are:

  • Afraid to injure the person
  • Afraid of being accused of sexual assault or misconduct
  • Operate with the misconception that women don’t suffer cardiac arrest

This uncertainty can lead to precious time lost when every second counts.

“We want to acknowledge this important gap, create conversation between CPR training instructors and students, and reduce the barriers that put women’s lives in greater peril in a cardiac incident, as published research shows,” says Eric Moon, Director of Product Management, PRESTAN.

Visit the PRESTAN Products website to learn more and see additional data from the American Heart Association on disparities in effectively delivering CPR to women.

1: Why People Fear Performing CPR On Women — And What To Do About It