In Memory of G. Guy Knickerbocker, PhD

We’ve lost a giant in the resuscitation world. G. Guy Knickerbocker, PhD, is one of three scientists who developed CPR and forever changed how we can all save more lives from sudden cardiac arrest. All of us at the Citizen CPR Foundation are profoundly grateful for Dr. Knickerbocker’s work and support, including participating in past Cardiac Arrest Survival Summits. It’s difficult to quantify just how much the “Father of CPR” will be missed, but his lifesaving legacy endures each time someone learns or performs CPR.

In honor of Dr. Knickerbocker, we applaud and encourage you all in your efforts to save more lives from sudden cardiac arrest. We will continue to keep Dr. Knickerbocker’s family, friends and colleagues in our thoughts. Read Dr. Knickerbocker’s full obituary.