What Is A HEARTSafe Community?

The monthly HEARTSafe Community Champion webinars are just one part of our larger HEARTSafe Community initiative, which we started in 2019. Our HEARTSafe Community program is a set of criteria and guidelines designed to improve outcomes to sudden cardiac arrest emergencies through a specific set of training, preparation and response protocols.

This criteria supports the cardiac arrest “chain of survival” and encourages communities to put that chain of survival into action. Activities include:

  • Widespread CPR instruction
  • Public access defibrillators
  • Aggressive resuscitation protocols for first responders and area hospitals

Communities that strive to become “heart safe” must meet the criteria established by the Citizen CPR Foundation. Upon completion, they receive signage and official recognition as a HEARTSafe Community to demonstrate a commitment to citizen health and safety.

For more information about HEARTSafe Community criteria or to learn more about achieving this designation in your own community, visit our website.