PSA/Video Minute Contest

The Citizen CPR Foundation and the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation have created a public service announcement (PSA) / “Video Minute” Contest as part of the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update Conference (ECCU).  The contest is to recognize the best videos aimed at increasing awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and/or recognition of a heart attack, the importance of citizen CPR, and automated external defibrillators (AEDs.)

Videos are reviewed, scored, and ranked. The five top-ranked submissions are played for ECCU attendees during plenary sessions. The winner of the top ranked video is awarded an AED to recognize their efforts and accomplishment.

Contest Rules

  • Videos must begin with a title and may be no longer than 90 seconds in length.
  • File size must be less than 500 MB.
  • The following formats are accepted: AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV (Quicktime).
  • Entrants set up a YouTube account and upload the video here.
  • Emails are sent to with the following information: Title of the video, name of the submitting organization, a name, phone number and email for the primary contact person, and a link to the video.

After the conference, the top videos are featured on the CCPRF and SCA FDN websites, Facebook pages and at

Previous PSA/Video Minute Contest Winners:


First PlaceHow to Perform CPR the Michigan Way, submitted by Robert Neumar, MD and Teri Shields, RN, University of Michigan Health System and Save MI Heart

Second PlaceOne Person, One Decision, submitted by Bryan Platz, HeartSafe Coon Rapids, MN.

Other top-ranked entries that were played at the 2015 ECCU Plenary:


First Place: Magnus and Wilmer from Sweden won first place for their entry, “Stayin’ Alive

Second Place(tie): Max Schweitz Foundation with its entry, “CPR Hero
Second Place (tie): Hawaii Heart Foundation with its entry, “Super Hero

See all of the top-ranked videos for 2012 Here.


First PlaceMeet Tim…Don’t Wait for the Help, BE the Help, by HeartSafe Coon Rapids

Second PlaceHow to Use an AED, by Father-Son Productions

Third PlaceRonny Turiaf’s Story, by Simon’s Fund

Other top-ranked entries that were played at the 2014 ECCU Plenary:


First place: “Check, Call, Compress,” submitted by Deirdre Borland, Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council, Kildare, Ireland

Second place: “Push Hard, Push Fast,” submitted by Jim Foster, Loren Marshall Foundation, Anchorage, Alaska