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SEATTLE, WA December 13, 2019 — Wrapping up four days of cutting-edge education and motivation to help reinforce the strength of the “chain of survival,” the Citizen CPR Foundation leaves Seattle, WA issuing a nationwide call-to-action for the need for more citizen CPR training, greater access to AED’s and broader awareness of a national epidemic.

“We are arming citizens with the knowledge, training and motivation to save the lives of neighbors from the #1 homeland emergency they will face – sudden cardiac arrest,” says Dr. Vinay Nadkarni, President of the foundation.

Nearly 1,000 attendees gathered with the foundation and the America Heart Association, the American Red Cross, the Global Resuscitation Alliance, the Resuscitation Academy and numerous other leading, global non-profits and industry partners to bring world-renowned speakers and experts together at one conference. Learning the latest science, guidelines and techniques helps motivate and activate attendees to bring live-saving protocols back to their communities.

“Since our first conference on citizen CPR in Houston, TX in 1980, we have focused on bringing premier programming and high-quality, engaging content to a broad audience of professionals working in the field of SCA. Known for excellent speakers and cutting-edge science, we are now looking toward a future as an organization that develops and certifies “HEARTSafe Communities” and empowers citizens to act!”

Celebrations, recognition and awards brought energy and excitement to the event. The CPR Saves Live Rock ‘N’ Roll Celebration entertained the crowd with musical impersonators and moved them with a tribute to survivors and to those who have lost their life to SCA. Jennifer Hayes – a CPR coordinator whose own life and that of her unborn son were saved by CPR and proper response protocols – received the Hans H. Dahll Award for service to the field and raising awareness. The Medic One Foundation’s survivor gathering and mass CPR training event hosted a venue for local survivors to connect, and provided free CPR training for Seattle citizens.

Said Dr. Nadkarni, “we are on a mission to bring nationwide attention to both the epidemic, and the solution. CPR saves lives!”

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