Title: Empowering Citizens to Save Lives: Strategies and Tactics

In this recorded webcast, Dave Hiltz of the Citizen CPR Foundation and Tegan Hampton of the Resuscitation Academy share strategies and tactics for increasing citizen CPR training with representatives from the intervention counties involved in a new Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI)-led pragmatic cluster-randomized trial.

Title: Challenging Sudden Death: Resuscitation Leadership Panel Discussion
Date: Sunday, September 5, 2021

Resuscitation Academy: Ann Doll, Dr. Tom Rea

Citizen CPR Foundation: David Hiltz, Dr. Jim Souzzi, and Robbie MacCue, co-host of the EMS Leadership Summit

In this recorded webcast, Dave Hiltz and Dr. Jim Souzzi from the Citizen CPR Foundation team-up with Ann Doll and Dr. Tom Rea from the Resuscitation Academy for an interactive discussion with Robbie MacCue of the EMS Leadership Summit to discuss the importance of leadership in improving resuscitation outcomes in the community.

Title: Reflections on Resuscitation in the Land of Oz
Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Guest Speaker: Tony Walker, ASM

Title: Planning Nationally and Implementing Locally to Save Lives
Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Guest Speaker: Tom P. Aufderheide, MD, MS, FACEP, FACC, FAHA

Title: World Restart a Heart Day & Shocktober
Date: Tuesday, September 13th, 2022
Guest Speaker: Bernd W. Böttiger, MD, DEAA, FESC, FERC | Jason Carlyon | Nadine Rott
Title: Politics, Public Health and Shaping Policy for Improved Outcomes
Date: Tuesday, August 9th, 2022
Co-Host: Allyson Perron Drag
Guest Speaker: Rob DeLeo
Title: First Responder Defibrillation – When the Rescuer Becomes the Rescued-The Rescue of Police Chief Buck 
Date: Tuesday, June 14th, 2022
Guest Speakers: Sarah Lamb, NRP
Title: Understanding the Importance of the Lay Responder Experience in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association
Date: Tuesday, May 10th, 2022
Co-Host: Mark Forgues, MEd, NRP
Guest Speakers: Katie Dainty, PhD, MSc
Title: Taking A Deeper Dive: The Prevention and Treatment of Drowning
Date: Tuesday, April 12th, 2022
Co-Host: Justin Sempsrott, MD
Guest Speakers: Laura Metro
Title: RAPID ZAP! Community Defibrillation Strategies
Date: Tuesday, March 8th at 4:00 PM EST
Co-Host: Ann Doll
Guest Speakers: Tegan Hampton & Richard Shok
Title: Disparities in Bystander Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: A Community Issue
Date: Tuesday, February 8, 2022 4p.m. EST
Co-Host: Pavitra Kotini-Shah, MD
Guest Speakers: Comilla Sasson, MD, MS & John Wallop
Title: Survivors, health-related knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and changing public policy: An interview with Greg Page
Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Co-Host: Katie Dainty
Guest Speakers: Greg Page
Title: Recognizing Shocktober – National Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month
Date: Tuesday, October 12th, 2021
Guest Speakers: Richard Price
Title: A First Look at this Year’s Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit
Date: Tuesday, September 14th, 2021
Guest Speakers: Sachin Agarwal, Jasmine Wylie, David Hiltz
Title: Barriers to the Implementation of Life Saving Strategies: Overcoming Real-World Challenges
Date: Tuesday, August 10th, 2021
Guest Speakers: Bil Rosen, EMS Director; Chief JB Kimble, Maria Potter, RN
Bil Rosen

Bil Rosen

JB Kimble

JB Kimble

Maria Potter

Maria Potter

Title: Paul Zoll, MD – A Pioneering Champion for Patients
Date: Tuesday, July 13th, 2021
Guest Speaker: Dr. Stafford Cohen, MD

Dr. Stafford Cohen, MD

Title: Recognizing Shocktober – National Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month
Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Guest Speaker: Richard Price

Justin Sempsrott, MD

Title: Novel Strategies For Citizen CPR and AED Training and Awareness
Date: Tuesday, May 11th, 2021
Guest Speakers: Jim Suozzi, DO, NRP, FACEP and Josh Smith, NRP

Jim Suozzi, DO, NRP, FACEP 

Josh Smith, NRP

Title: Excellence In Public Reporting On Resuscitation: The Ambulance Victoria Experience
Date: Tuesday, April 13th, 2021
Guest Speakers: Tony Walker, Chief Executive Officer at Ambulance Victoria

Tony Walker

Title: Behind the Button: The OnStar Advisor Experience with SCA
Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Guest Speakers: Char Poranganel
Global Emergency Services Outreach Leader, General Motors OnStar

Char Poranganel

Title: Primary and Secondary Prevention, Disparities in Cardiovascular Health and a Vision for the Future
Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2021
Guest Speakers: Stacey Rosen, MD, Pavitra Kotini-Shah, MD and Nancy Brown, Chief Executive Officer

Pavitra Kotini-Shah, MD

Nancy Brown

Stacey Rosen, MD

Title: Survival and Recovery from SCA with Greg Page
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Guest Speaker: Greg Page
Founding member of the popular children’s music group The Wiggles

Greg Page

Title: CPR, Citizenship and Survivorship: Psychosocial Implications of Cardiac Arrest
Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Guest Speaker: Dr. Katie Dainty
Social Scientist and Researcher at North York Hospital and the University of Toronto

Dr. Katie Dainty

Title: Effect of Optimized Versus Guidelines-Based AED Placement on Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Coverage: An In Silico Trial 
Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Guest Speakers: Timothy C.Y. Chan, PhD & Christopher L.F. Sun, PhD

Christopher L.F. Sun, PhD

Timothy C.Y. Chan, PhD

Title: Challenges in Implementation, Accountability and Leadership in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Guest Speakers: Ann Doll and Mickey Eisenberg, MD, PhD

Mickey Eisenberg, MD, PhD

Ann Doll

Title: HEARTSafe Champion Webinar
Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Guest Speaker: Dr. Roger White

Dr. Roger White

Title: The Value of Data Collection and Analysis
Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Guest Speaker: Bryan McNally, MD and Mike Levy, MD

Bryan McNally, MD, MPH

Michael Levy, MD, FACEP, FACP, FAEMS

Title: Encouraging Bystander CPR and AED use during the pandemic
Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Guest Speaker: Program Director David Hiltz and Program Advisor Josh Smith

David Hiltz

Josh Smith

Title: Insight and Best Practices for TCPR
Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Guest Speaker: Julie Buckingham, Resuscitation Academy Program Manager

Julie Buckingham


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