Citizen CPR Symposium Archive

The Citizen CPR Foundation and the Kentucky Office of Rural Health partnered on a two-day virtual conference open to all Kentucky residents interested in improving SCA outcomes. The schedule featured a dynamic faculty line-up focused on empowering attendees with a strategic and practical approach for improving SCA survival in their communities, no matter how big or small. This approach included both the latest scientific recommendations, well-defined tactics and guidance in the form of proven best practices and innovations in implementation.

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Citizen CPR Symposium

A Community Based Approach to Improving Survival

Dr. Jim Suozzi

Building a High-Performance Lead Organization – Why Collaboration is KEY

Josh Smith, NRP | Dan Avstreih, MD FACEP FAEMS | Lieutenant Paul Corso

Using Data to Drive Localized Lifesaving Strategies

Brandon Oto, PA-C | Brennen Younger, NRP, CARES Statewide Systems Administrator

Citizen CPR Education

Rick Shok, NRP, RN | Teri Watson & Des Belcher, RN of Team FMC Health and Community Heart Watch

Recognizing Resuscitation Superheroes

Dr. Jim Suozzi | Ryan L. Hornblower, MS, MA, NRP, Team Dartmouth Health

Building Essential Public Awareness

David Hiltz | James Hillcoat, NRP, Team La Crosse Fire

Just in Time: Telephone Guided CPR and AED Use

Dr. Jim Souzzi | Derrick Aumann, Team NH Bureau of Emergency Communications E 911

Emergency Action Plans: Development and Testing

Rich Shok, NRP, RN | Gwen Fosse, MSA, BSN, RN Clinical Outreach Specialist, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, University of Michigan Health | Karen Hervey, RN BSN NCSN, District Nurse, Team Saline Area Schools, Saline, Michigan

Quality Improvement and Public Reporting

Brandon Oto, PA-C | Karen Smith, PhD, Team Ambulance Victoria Australia

Navigating the Political Landscape of Livesaving

David Hiltz | Chief Tom Huntington, Team Richland Fire and EMS

Building and Maintaining a 911 Integrated AED Registry

Rich Shok, NRP, RN | Jeff Carney, ENP, Team Hamilton County 9-1-1

Rapid Zap: First Responder Defibrillation

David Hiltz; Janet Trethewey, Team Montana HEARTSafe

Practice Like You Play: High-Performance Resuscitation

Dr. Jim Suozzi | Tom Bouthillet, Hilton Head Island Fire and Rescue

Optimizing AED Placement

Rich Shok, NRP, RN | Fiona Johnson, Team Johnson County Ambulance and Rotary Kerber HEARTSafe

Primary and Secondary Prevention Strategies

Josh Smith, NRP | Jessica Donze Black RD, MPH, Team American Heart Association

Putting it all Together and Reflections

Josh Smith, NRP | Dr. Jim Souzzi | Scott Helle

Closing Remarks

Ed Racht, MD, Global Medical Response

Community Resuscitation Officer Program

Identifying and Communicating the WHY

Josh Smith, NRP | James Hempstead

Selecting and Building the TEAM

Josh Smith, NRP | James Hempstead | Michael Van Beek

Branding Your Initiative

Josh Smith, NRP | James Hempstead | Michael Van Beek

Leading Your Initiative

Josh Smith, NRP | Tom Huntington

Measure & Improve: Sustaining Your Initiative With Data

Josh Smith, NRP | Tom Huntington

Putting it all Together and Reflections

Josh Smith, NRP | James Hempstead | Scott Helle