A Message of Support for Ukraine

The Citizen CPR Foundation is a non-profit organization and our mission is to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest by stimulating effective community, professional and citizen action.

The Citizen CPR Foundation is appalled by the current invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We join other organizations in strongly condemning the attack on the Ukrainian people. We are calling upon Russia to end this aggression immediately.

Our hearts are with the people in Ukraine and in particular healthcare workers, healthcare facilities and agencies providing humanitarian aid.

International Red Cross teams are providing aid in Ukraine and in neighboring countries where families are seeking safety. Should you wish to contribute, the Citizen CPR Foundation suggests you consider a donation to the International Committee of the Red Cross.


Stu Berger, MD | President, Citizen CPR Foundation

Paula Lank, BSN, RN | Chair, Citizen CPR Foundation

Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit News: On-Demand Access and Save the Date!

Thank you to everyone who made the 2021 Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit such an engaging, informative and successful event!

We’re excited to announce that the Summit will return to the Town & Country Hotel and Resort in San Diego in November. 2023. Save the date and stay tuned for more event details!

In the meantime, whether you attended Summit 2021 or couldn’t make it, 50+ sessions are now available on-demand, thanks to a partnership with Prodigy EMS. Here’s how to access the content:

Attended Summit 2021? You should have received an email from Prodigy EMS with your log-in credentials. Questions? Reach out to support@prodigyems.com.

Missed Summit 2021? Visit the Prodigy EMS site to purchase on-demand sessions, including full access or specific tracks.

Reducing Racial and Ethnic Inequities in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes

A recent Town Hall Meeting convened by the American Heart Association, in partnership with the Citizen CPR Foundation and the National Association of EMS Physicians, focused on racial and ethnic inequities in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes.

The webinar, with Marina Del Rios, MD as a key organizer, followed a two-part program. The first part of the program saw CCPRF President Dr. Stu Berger moderate a panel of four resuscitation and EMS research experts who addressed:

  • Epidemiological overview and health inequities in OHCA survival outcomes
  • Potential gaps in the collection and reporting of data
  • A frontline provider’s perspective on the challenges with EMS data collection and
  • quality assurance, and
  • Solutions for improved data collection and reporting

Following the presentations by Sumeet Chugh, MD, Robert Rodriguez, MD, Remle Crowe, PhD, and Clay Mann, PhD, attendees participated in breakout room discussions, offering perspectives and insights about data collection barriers and potential areas of improvement.

A continually growing collection of data tells a stark story: race, income and geographic location, among other factors, can have an adverse effect on outcomes, including decreased use of bystander CPR and AEDs and, ultimately, lower survival rates among Black and non-white populations.

“When it comes to health, our zip code matters more than our genetic code,” said Remle P. Crowe, PhD, NREMT, Director of Clinical and Operational Research, ESO.

These inequities are deeply embedded in our communities, our healthcare system and beyond. Yet that doesn’t mean that we can’t each take action to help prompt meaningful change and help increase survival rates.

Dr. Rodriguez’s presentation raised the following question and recommendations: “How do we address OHCA disparities?”

  1. Promote recognition of cardiac arrest and other critical illness and the understanding for the need to call 911
  2. Promote CPR in diverse communities
  3. Increase availability of AEDs in diverse communities
  4. Widespread distribution of naloxone
  5. Address EMS and hospital proximity issues

For further information on training, awareness and advocacy efforts for your community, you can access a free toolkit for Engaging Communities created by the American Heart Association.

This Town Hall is the first in a series of discussions that will continue to address inequities in OHCA. Connect with the American Heart Association and the Citizen CPR Foundation to get alerts when future Town Halls are scheduled.

If you live shouldn’t depend on where you live. Let’s change this. Together.

PRESTAN Products Provides a Solution to Help Close an Important Gap in Bystander CPR

Women are less likely to receive CPR from a bystander, according to data gathered by the American Heart Association1.

In fact, that same data shows that women receive CPR just 39% of the time, compared to 45% of the time for men.

Why such a gap in bystander CPR rates for those who identify as female? Often, rescuers are:

  • Afraid to injure the person
  • Afraid of being accused of sexual assault or misconduct
  • Operate with the misconception that women don’t suffer cardiac arrest

This uncertainty can lead to precious time lost when every second counts.

“We want to acknowledge this important gap, create conversation between CPR training instructors and students, and reduce the barriers that put women’s lives in greater peril in a cardiac incident, as published research shows,” says Eric Moon, Director of Product Management, PRESTAN.

Visit the PRESTAN Products website to learn more and see additional data from the American Heart Association on disparities in effectively delivering CPR to women.

1: Why People Fear Performing CPR On Women — And What To Do About It

Meet the 2021 Class of 40 Under 40 Honorees!

During December’s Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit, we recognized an incredible group of young leaders, professionals, advocates and survivors who are each working to improve SCA outcomes.

Starting in this issue of Currents and continuing in each quarterly issue, we’ll introduce you to 10 of the 2021 honorees.

Without further ado, meet the honorees recognized this quarter!

  • Salvatore Aiello, MS, MD/PhD candidate
  • Susan Burnett, MS, EMT-P
  • Katie Charbonneau, NREMT, Founder, Katie’s Community CPR
  • Matt Cox, NRP, Division Chief for Critical Care Analytics, EMSA Tulsa
  • Naima Dellawar, Survivor and Advocate
  • John Erbayri, MS, NRP, CHSE
  • Kaitlyn Gilk
  • Nancy Glober, MD
  • Thomas Jenkins, Fire Chief, City of Rogers Fire Department
  • Aaron Johnson

Visit our website to read more about these honorees and meet the rest of the 2021 40 Under 40 Class. We’ll be back to introduce you to more winners in May!