CPR  Saves Lives March

Join the March!

As part of ECCU this year, we will mobilize all participants in our second CPR SAVES LIVES MARCH! Join with more than 50 cardiac arrest survivors who were saved by CPR, to bring attention to the hundreds of thousands who could survive with more CPR, more AED’s and better care. On Thursday, December 7th, we will all march together from the Hyatt Regency New Orleans to the Duncan Plaza. We will have banners and signs calling for more action; flags for our registrants, partners and exhibitors to carry; a drum line; police cars and fire trucks. Help make this important message heard.

At Duncan Plaza, officials and the press will join us to hear inspirational stories from survivors, recounting their rescues and the lives they have led since. The Citizen CPR Foundation will raise a very public call in a very public way for more CPR training, more AED placements, and more education so others can live. Help make this important message heard! Thank you to PulsePoint for sponsoring this important event.

2015 Survivor March in San Deigo:


Start Location: Hyatt Regency New Orleans entrance

End Location: Duncan Plaza

March participants will gather at the main entrance of the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. Volunteers will be on hand to direct. At the entrance, participants will be given signs and mobilized for the march through the streets of New Orleans to Champion Square/Super Dome.


December 7, 2017

4:30 PM – 6:30 PM