DECEMBER 8 & 9, 2020


The mission of the Citizen CPR Foundation is to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest by stimulating effective community, professional and citizen action. As host of the largest convenings in the SCA ecosystem, we integrate the latest science and leading experts with community programs and engagement to help bring our mission to life.


  • Instructors certified in CPR, BLS, ACLS, and PALS 
  • Education program managers
    • Hospital & University training managers
    • EMS training managers
    • Corporate training and safety managers
  • Nurses, paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, dispatchers, and chiefs 
  • Military medical readiness program managers
  • Community leaders promoting first responder programs
  • Physicians and researchers 
  • Entrepreneurial training center and site coordinators


Science and Controversies Behind the 2020 Guidelines

Join experts and thought leaders in the field of resuscitation to review, discuss, and debate the science, hot topics, and training issues with a focus on the updated 2020 guidelines, training, and implementation challenges and solutions. It has been two months since the release of guidelines and we will discuss the “what” and “why” behind the most important and controversial changes (or rationale for lack of changes) in Emergency Cardiovascular Care.
Science and Controversies Behind the 2020 ILCOR – CoSTR
Robert Neumar, MD
University of Michigan, ILCOR Co-Chair
Science and Controversies Behind the 2020 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines
Raina Merchant, MD
University of Pennsylvania, American Heart Association ECC Chair and CPR Guidelines Executive Summary Chapter Chair
Science and Controversies Behind the 2020 American Red Cross (ARC) Focused Updates
David Markenson, MD
Chief Medical Officer, American Red Cross
Science Highlights and Controversies from ReSS
Tom Aufderheide, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin, ReSS Co-Chair

SCA as a Pandemic in EMS and Hospital Settings

Come join Lance and Ed as they discuss and debate the great pandemic 2020…, not just COVID, but the ultimate homeland security threat EVERY YEAR…Sudden Cardiac Arrest!
Lance Becker, MD
Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, North Shore University Hospital, and Long Island Jewish Medical Center
Ed Racht, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Global Medical Response

Putting Science into Action

Lessons from Taking Science into the Streets and Homes
Join Tom, Marcus, and Rosemarie as they take us on a Star Trek journey into the future…envisioning the next small steps for man,…and giant leaps for mankind!
Tom Rea, MD
Medical Director, King County Medic One Emergency Medical Services
What is Possible with a Little Technology?
Marcus Ong, MD
Medical Director, Prehospital Emergency Care, Ministry of Health, Singapore
Developing Low Resource Solutions for Resuscitation Leadership Training
Rosemarie Fernandez, MD
University of Florida

Putting Science into Action

First Aid for Severe Trauma: Empowering High Schoolers to Respond to Traumatic Injuries
Dr. Craig Goolsby will show how high school students can be trained to take action for severe trauma. Tore Laerdal will present a bold, new Laerdal Foundation shared goal, together with partners, to help save one million lives with more efficient training and delivery of CPR in well-functioning health care systems and in low and middle income countries.
Craig Goolsby, MD
Director, National Center for Disaster Medicine & Public Health Uniformed Services, University of the Health Sciences
One Million More Lives – a Shared Goal
Tore Laerdal
Executive Director, Laerdal Foundation

Become an Exhibitor or Sponsor at the Virtual Summit 2020

CPR instructors, first responders, program leaders, nurses and more will have the opportunity to address the implications of the latest resuscitation guidelines updates, learn best practices for running their business, and enhance their instructional expertise.

Exhibitor & Sponsor Commitment & Benefits
  • Exposure to highly-targeted attendee audience
  • Alignment with some of the top thought-leaders and brands in the field of sudden cardiac arrest
  • Fully branded experience
  • Domestic and international exposure
  • No travel or shipping costs
  • No extra cost for lead capture
  • Unlimited booth registration means you integrate staff to meet your unique needs
  • Direct message with booth visitors
  • Flexible times – you set your schedule
  • Ability to host video and other materials in your virtual booth
  • Highly affordable, cost effective investment




*A recent study from the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the survival of those who experience out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest