Partner News: WorldPoint Introduces Tools to Expand CPR Training Inclusivity, Delivery

Data from the American Heart Association shows that not only are women less likely than men to receive bystander CPR when experiencing sudden cardiac arrest; people of color are also less likely to receive life-saving bystander intervention.

To help improve these troubling disparities, WorldPoint Inc. (a member of Citizen CPR Foundation’s Partner Council) recently unveiled two new training tools: CPR Taylor and Baby Tyler. With CPR Taylor’s 3-in-1 design, CPR instructors and students can easily change their manikins to practice CPR delivery on an adult male, adult female and child. CPR Taylor is also available in varying skin tones, a more inclusive reflection of our collective population.

“Cardiac arrest doesn’t discriminate, and neither should your CPR equipment,” says Maggie Hart, Director of Global Marketing, WorldPoint.

WorldPoint’s Baby Tyler, a realistic infant manikin, is also available in a diverse range of skin tones and includes fully movable limbs so that instructors can practice different and realistic CPR and choking scenarios with their students.

See Taylor in action on a recent episode of Good Morning America >>